Our Company had carried out the Construction of Water Sources and Water Schemes in Pemba The Details were as follows 

Project            “Pemba”

Work Done  18 Nos. drilling of 110m depth boreholes and 11 observation wells 100m., 4 Ground Water Tank in reinforced concrete, 3,000 , 2500 & 800 m³ capacity., 2 Pumping Stations equipped with 5 pumps  to take water from Ground Tank to the, elevated tank including chlorination facilities., Two sets of 250m3 Elevated Tank of 25 m height in reinforced concrete, Installation of a total 83,000      m of      PVC            and     HDPE     pipes,     diameters        ranging           from
400mm to 50mm, for the reticulation and distribution network

Date                 12 Jul, 2009

Status               Completed

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