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SERENGETI LIMITED, was awarded the grade ONE in drilling projects by the Contractor Registration Board (CRB) , is a drilling and construction company that is dealing with various projects specially drilling of deep water wells.

SERENGETI LIMITED is a company incorporated in Tanzania under the Companies Act.It constitutes experts such as Hydro geologists, civil engineers, qualified water well drillers, and water technicians in water and Sanitation. The company is taking up projects throughout Tanzania and has rigs with enough power to drill deep wells at its command along with two more rigs with his sub-contractors concern in area.Since the inauguration of our company, we have drilled and completed water wells with different depths in different locations.

Serengeti limited is well equipped with trained personnel,full capacity machinery, equipment and all devices needed for the project prospects.
We honorably have been drilled 3 water wells up to depth of 600m at Kimbiji, Mpiji and Mpera as well as drilling of 3 observation wells with depth of 200m at aforementioned sites.

Our Company has constructed his GAIRO water supply project more than 80%
progress (Construction of water storage tanks, industrial buildings, pipelines and drilling of water wells) and drilled SEVEN successful 150 meter deep boreholes at GAIRO town project, and also we are main Contractor for Pemba Island LOT- 3 project including construction of water storage tanks (ground and elevated), water pipelines more than 80KM, and drilling of 29 water wells with 100m depth, and we drilled the most of boreholes and installed PVC and stainless steel casing and screens successfully.
Bearing the present machinery and manpower force currently in hand, we assure you efficiency, capability and maximum service.


To provide the best solution, which is everlasting and sustainable, to water shortages in Dar es Salaam city and other areas of Tanzania, using the latest technologies and scientific knowledge in water industry.


To be the unsurpassed leader in the water industry in Tanzania and the Eastern African Region.

Achievement and Experience

Serengeti Limited was awarded water supply and drilling projects Kindly check our portfolio for more details


We have the experience along with qualified  and trained staff and have been  awarded  grade ONE in drilling projects by the Contractor Registration Board (CRB)

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Our Skills

Trained Staff

We would love to hear from you whether you need the opinion of our technical experts, would like help with finding the most efficient and effective solutions or would like to share some feedback, comments, thoughts or ideas with us,

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